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With regular use of fluoride and increased patient awareness, evidence of tooth decay is quickly diminishing. However, teeth are exposed to decay every day, and without proper treatment can breakdown or become infected. Dr. Jensen provides Lincoln City, OR reconstructive dentistry services to help his patients rebuild their smile. Some of these services include bridges, onlay and inlay restorations, root canal therapy, and dental implant restorations. Reconstructive dentistry is the process of rebuilding a patient’s teeth, gums or jaw. This form of dentistry is usually more comprehensive than cosmetic dentistry, so sedation may be necessary.

An essential feature of reconstructive dentistry is the crown that surrounds the old tooth or dental implant. The crowns are made from a mix of restorative materials such as composite resin, and then finished with additional materials such as gold or porcelain. These teeth are durable and can help establish a new bridge as well as cover a dental implant. Reconstructive dentistry is necessary to support and prevent damage to teeth that are intact and properly functioning. Patients may request reconstructive dentistry for aesthetic reasons, but treatment is necessary if the problem interferes with the normal functions of the mouth. Chewing or speech can be hindered due to the affected region.

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